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      Linux Bible
    Unix mtime

    Here are key sites associated with Linux distributions covered in this book: Fedora (http://fedoraproject·org) - Community-driven Linux, supported by Red Hat. Look to Livna·org (rpm.livna·org) for downloads of add-on software for Fedora. FedoraForum·org is a popular Forum site for Fedora.

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (www·redhat·com) - Check the main Red Hat Web site for information on commercial Linux products.

    Debian GNU/Linux (www·debian·org) - Get news, documentation, support, and download information about Debian. Try the Debian news site (www·us·debian·org/News/) for the latest news articles on Debian.

    Ubuntu Linux (www·ubuntu·com) - Learn about the Ubuntu Linux distribution, community, and related products from this official Ubuntu site. From the Ubuntu Wiki (https://wiki.ubuntu·com), find links to documentation, HOWTOs, community sites, events, and releases.

    SUSE (www·novell·com/linux/) - Get product and support information from this project's site. The Novell site also provides information about Novell's own Linux offer- ings and details of its recent alliance with Microsoft.

    openSUSE (www·opensuse·org) - Get information and downloads, connect to mail- ing lists and forums, and participate in the community-supported version of SUSE.

    KNOPPIX (www·knopper·net/knoppix/index-en.html) - The official KNOPPIX page on its creator's (Klaus Knopper's) Web site. An active KNOPPIX forum is available from www·knoppix·net/forum/.

    The continuation/full version of this article read on site www.podgrid.org - Linux Bible

    Unix mtime